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At Vapure we believe that to deliver the highest quality services, one has to stick with what they know best.  It would be difficult to manage the broad range of highly complex process packages that Vapure designs all within one shop environment while still maintaining quality and schedule.

In order to approach this effectively, Vapure has partnered with several local Fabricators which are specialized in what they do, including specific shops to handle the following different activities:

  • Process spooling (Certified for new, repair or alterations to ASME B31.1 & B31.3)

  • Pressure vessel and tanks ( Certified for ASME U & S stamps, National Board)

  • Structural steel skids (certified CWB W47.1)

  • Process package fabrication and assembly (up to 90,000 square foot facitlity) 

  • Painting and coatings (Certified NACE CIP Level 1 inspections)

All shops approved by Vapure have undergone a stringent quality program review. This provides us with the flexibility to assign projects best suited to fabricators strengths while keeping the costs as low as possible.   

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