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We carry a wide variety of critical spare parts in stock right here at our Calgary warehouse. We also offer local machine refurbishment services to bring your assets back within OEM specification in minimal time. Our maintenance technicians specialize in rebuilding Liquid Ring and Rotary Vane machines and  know what to look for when time is critical.  


Garo (By Garnder Denver) and Ro-Flo vacuum pump and compressor replacement parts:

  • Bare shaft replacements

  • Impellers/blades

  • Distributor Cones

  • Shafts

  • Bearings

  • Gaskets and O-rings

  • Mechanical Seals

Garo Aftermarket Parts 


In case you’ve missed it, at Vapure Engineering Ltd. (VEL) we know Garo Liquid Ring machines inside and out.


Garo makes a quality product, however they are not impervious to improvements. With today's soaring technology, there is considerable room for advancement to be made in parts designed several decades ago. Market Industries are also evolving and more than ever operators are soliciting higher reliability while minimizing their OPEX margins.


With this in mind VEL has focused a tremendous amount of hours optimizing our part designs to deliver valuable gains over OEM products. After several years of (real world) testing we are proud to offer our own line of upgrade replacement parts for select Garo Liquid Ring Machines.

To keep you running VEL carries an inventory of critical spare parts at its Canadian warehouse. 

  • All parts made from Solid Forgings. Yes even our shrouded impellers. Say goodbye to defect-prone castings!

  • Material 20% stronger compared to cast OEM parts

  • Optimized stress areas for additional durability 

  • Manufacturing facility certified ISO 9001-2015 

  • Aerospace machining technology delivers impressive finish and accuracy

  • Unprecedented Quality Control. Critical tolerances are double-verified by third party

  • Made in Canada

  • Unmatched 24 month warranty*

*Valid when VEL aftermarket parts and servicing combined, or OEM part warranty applies.   

The Vapure Aftermarket Advantage:

Advanced Quality. Lower Cost.


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